Mirio tamaki nejire

Mirio has an excellent relationship with his father. When Mirio expressed his desire to become a hero, his father warned him that his family's Quirk made it difficult for them to become Heroes, which is why his father gave up on becoming one.

Despite the warning, Mirio did not give up his desire, and his father supported him at all times, in spite of his former views. Mirio and Tamaki are childhood friends.

They first met each other back in third grade, when Mirio decided to approach a shy Tamaki who had just transferred to the school. Tamaki noted that Mirio had always been strong. The two refer to one another by their first names and were worried for one another when either of them went through dangerous or emotionally stressful situations.

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It's heavily implied that Mirio may have given Tamaki his hero name, Suneater. It is often seen of Tamaki referring to Mirio as the sun, as in his eyes, Mirio shines bright like the sun because of his bright and positive personality. Mirio, on the other hand, says Tamaki shines even brighter than the sun itself, thus overshadowing it. Tamaki and Mirio hold a deep level of respect for one another.

Tamaki idolizes Mirio's outgoing personality and tenacity to keep himself motivated and keep a level head, something Tamaki thinks he does not possess. Mirio once stated to Tamaki that the reason he was able to give it his all was because of Tamaki; saying that he admired him because despite his insecurity and anxiety, he never runs away and always tries his best, leading Mirio to think he needs to work harder in order to never lose to him.

When Mirio got shot by Shin Nemoto during his fight against Overhaul with the Quirk-Destroying Drug bullet, Tamaki woke himself up out of unconsciousness and felt something bad happen to Mirio. It is implied that right after that, Tamaki went to search for him, and finally carried Mirio out of the building. When bringing up the topic of Eri 's QuirkTamaki placed his hand on Mirio and mentioned Mirio's Quirk possibly returning as the latter smiled at his friend.

Like with Tamaki, Nejire and Mirio have spent three years together studying at U. During their years of study, she and Tamaki have seen the struggles Mirio had to go through and understood what he went through to become stronger.

Since she and Mirio have similar energetic personalities this often conflicts with Nejire's talkative attitude, much to her chagrin. However, this similar personality also makes it easier for both of them to talk with one another, unlike Tamaki's quiet nature. Prior to The Big 3 's introduction, Mirio went out of his way to talk with Izuku.

He is rather friendly to Izuku, who at first found Mirio to be strange. After witnessing Mirio's power and technique, Izuku grew to admire Mirio, even thinking that he already seems to be like a Pro Hero in the way he talks. In return, Mirio seems to hold him in high regard as he was impressed by the latter's ingenuity and in their mock battle, despite only having just met and Izuku being a first-year. Mirio is eager to help Izuku succeed, offering lots of tips and bits of advice before introducing him to Nighteye.

He seemed certain that Izuku would meet Sir NighteyeAll Might's former sidekick, and did not look surprised when the retired No. Mirio also took notice of the scars on Izuku's arms, which were caused by One For All. Izuku was visibly disturbed when he learned that Mirio's Quirk was destroyed by Overhaul, and expressed anger towards the villain for that.

After Nighteye's death, when Izuku sees how optimistic Mirio is, Izuku goes as far as to propose that Mirio could take Izuku's Quirk, indicating how Izuku believes that Mirio is truly the worthier candidate for One For All, like Nighteye had said. However, Mirio turns it down as he has faith that Eri might master her Quirk to restore his and believes in the words of Nighteye about being a hero. Izuku is impressed by this and accepts Mirio's determination, and it seems they become closer friends afterward.

mirio tamaki nejire

The two get along and Izuku still looks up to Mirio for maintaining a smile in spite of his situation, which is something All Might also did in the face of adversity. Mirio respects and admires All Might greatly, even after the latter lost his powers, claiming he could not help being happy after being called in by him. Some of his most outlandish behaviors are similar to the energy of All Might's public persona.

It is unknown if Mirio is aware that he was the top prospective candidate for the Quirk One for All or of the bond Izuku has with him. Mirio works under him for his Hero Work-Studies. Sir Nighteye views him as a full-fledged student with immense potential, making him believe that Mirio deserves to inherit One For All. Thanks to the training and experience he gained under Nighteye's tutelage, Mirio was able to master his Quirk, which made him one of the strongest students in the U.High School and is part of the The Big 3.

Mirio is a tall young man with a very muscular build who possesses a number of noticeable scars around his lower arms. He has blond hair, the top part of which is arranged in a cowlick, while the bottom section is worn swept backward. In his school uniform, Mirio dresses like most of the male students, minus the blazer. He wears a belt with a large, rectangular golden buckle in the shape of a carnivorous mouth. In his hero costume, Mirio wears a white skin-tight top with the number "" one million stamped across his chest in a bold, yellow font.

The trimming on the top and shoulder pads are made in a matching fashion.

mirio tamaki nejire

Mirio also wears baggy dark blue pants and white knee-high boots. He wears a red cape as well as thick gloves of matching color. Mirio normally comes across as an extremely goofy and very energetic individual with some peculiar habits. Going solely based on his personality, many tend to question how Mirio is one of U. Mirio has a very optimistic attitude and can almost always be found smiling.

His personality is what led Sir Nighteye to believe that he could be the one to replace All Might as the symbol of peace. Mirio is known for his odd sense of humor. His jokes range from corny to puerile, occasionally making a fool of himself for the sake of others' enjoyment. One such instance was when he stuck his clothed butt through the bushes as a puppet of sorts when introducing Class 1-A to Eri.

Mirio does not allow his laid back nature to cloud his judgment or impede his dreams of becoming a hero. He has proven to be an extremely hard worker, turning a near-unmasterable ability into one of the world's most powerful Quirks. Mirio is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills and tries to work toward his goals by accumulating different experiences to learn from them. Lemillion and Deku acted for the greater good when they chose to allow Eri to leave with Overhaul.

However, their failure to rescue her tormented them once they found out the truth. This put a large damper on Mirio's normally cheerful personality and burdened him with immense guilt, which drove him to promise to never let Eri come to harm again, a promise he would keep no matter what.

Mirio is also extremely brave and, in contrast to his laid back nature, he is experienced in dealing with dangerous people and is not scared easily. He was able to talk to Overhaul in his normal, cheerful manner despite knowing about his background as a dangerous Yakuza criminal.

Alongside his bravery, Mirio has shown to be confident in his abilities. He knew he could take on all of Class 1-A to teach them a lesson and was even bold enough to face four of the Shie Hassaikai members alone. Lemillion repeatedly displays the values of a true hero.

He risked his life and even sacrificed his Quirk to protect Eri. Despite knowing how it would negatively affect his career, Mirio allowed his Quirk to be destroyed in order to inspire Eri and keep his promise to never let her know pain again. It was Mirio's bravery that allowed Eri to awaken and set the path for the heroes to defeat the Yakuza.

Lemillion even continued fighting after losing his Quirk and protected Eri from Overhaul. His incredible tenacity caused Shin Nemoto to question whether he was even human. Despite losing his Quirk and his mentor following the raid, Mirio remains steadfast in his hopes to become a hero.

His cheerful personality has not faded and he is empowered by Sir Nighteye's final words to him. He even refused Izuku's offer to receive One For All [11] and told Tamaki Amajiki he was in no rush to get his powers back, meaning that he is okay being Quirkless.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

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A broken man locks up his own children. His husband is crumbling. Who can save them? A burnt man tortures his father. His mother is made to watch.

Nejire Hado

What will his siblings do? The Midoriya family has a secret. Since the dawn of quirks their family has periodically had members born with a one of a kind quirk, 'Light's Chosen' that gave the user immense power. It would only appear when the wielder was needed to combat a great evil, to protect the world from darkness.

The last time it came to be, the wielders parents hid the quirk from them, and as a result All for One darkened the world.

Now Izuku is born with the power. Will he succeed against the darkness, or will he fall? This time the Light's Chosen won't fight the darkness alone. The successor to All for One shall fight beside him, as will his two soul mates. Will it be enough? Midoriya loved the his classmates and his classmates loved him back. Except for Bakugou. Somehow Bakugou manages to bully the other without anyone knowing. He takes it too far and Midoriya dies.

Everyone who had grown a soft spot is devastated but what they don't know is that Midoriya is back but. Djinn has just returned home for another school year to teach the future heroes from U.Along with Mirio and TamakiNejire represents U. The three have spent three years together studying at U. Since she and Mirio have similar energetic personalities this often conflicts with Nejire's talkative attitude, much to her chagrin.

However, this similar personality also makes it easier for both of them to talk with one another, unlike Tamaki's quiet nature. It appears that while all three of them are mutual friends, Nejire seems to be closer to Tamaki than she is to Mirio. Tamaki calls Mirio by his first name, which indicates a special level of closeness in their friendship that Nejire doesn't demonstrate, as she simply calls Mirio by his last name. Nevertheless, Nejire noticeably cares for Mirio, shown when she was actively trying to cheer him up and convince him not to be too hard on himself during his depression over Eri 's situation.

She, Mirio, and Tamaki represent U. They have spent three years together studying at UA becoming good friends with one another.

The Big 3 - Suneater Moments (DUB)

Tamaki treats Nejire's talkative attitude casually with tolerance and would attempt to keep that personality of hers in check when required.

Nejire finds Tamaki's anxious personality weird, calling it 'kitten-hearted', which becomes her nickname for him. Nejire helped Ochaco and Tsuyu get an internship with Ryukyu. The three established a good relationship with each other since Ochaco and Tsuyu listened and cooperated with Nejire splendidly. Yuyu is later seen helping Nejire prepare for the School Festival. Yuyu is Nejire's best friend, and that she thinks Nejire is the "cutest thing in the galaxy". Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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mirio tamaki nejire

Try Now.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! The Big Three were more than just partners. They were friends, they were family, and family did anything to help one another.

If Nejire had to make a deal with the devil to keep her family together, she would. In the end, what matters is not the time of day.

It's not the light, or the music, or the chatter and the wobbly dances. What matters is them. Because Tamaki likes the late afternoons, but he likes Mirio and Nejire even more. While Izuku Midoriya is fated to one day be the greatest hero ever and stand against all quirked evil in their world, one young being is fated to put an end to the father of all magic evil. This young reincarnated teenager will go to U. Mostly for school stuff However, it is going to be used to help each other; learn some more about one another; and learn about ones self and others.

There is a ton of headcanons, i dont really care this is for fun. Hope you guys enjoy! The frustration of watching their classmates hopelessly pining for each other has gotten to our favorite wonder duo, Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki.

They team up as matchmakers with the goal of getting as many of these fools intertwined by the red string of fate as possible, but end up just as oblivious to their own feelings as their classmates were to theirs. Class 1-A has faced many things in their first year at UA.Nejire Hado enrolled in U.

She befriended them, and over time, their skills and abilities with their Quirks made them known as The Big 3the most powerful students at school. At another point, Nejire participated in her second year Beauty Pageant during the U. School Festivalbut was defeated by Bibimi Kenranzaki. She asks Mirio Togata if he knows who the students involved are, though he doesn't respond and merely becomes excited at hearing of such students.

She is later invited along with the other Big 3 to speak with Class 1-A by Eraser Head as part of their introduction to Hero Internships. She immediately begins asking questions of the students rapidly, not allowing them time to answer before she asks more. When Mirio challenges all of Class 1-A to face him at once, she is present and tells everyone about a student who got so frustrated that they quit wanting to become a hero, advising Mirio to be cautious so as not to have a repeat of that incident, playing with Mina's horns all the while as she recounts this tale.

During the Internships, she helps out Ochaco and Tsuyu, recommending them to the hero she was interning with, Ryukyu. She takes out two opposing gang members with Gigantification Quirks in one move and also coordinates a Super Move with the other two girls to completely quell all the villains they were facing.

When a meeting is called to help organize the Shie Hassaikai RaidNejire is also invited as Ryukyu's Intern and rushes to hug her teacher when she spots her. After the meeting concludes she and Tamaki console Mirio after he was devastated to learn that Eri was used to make the Quirk-destroying bullets and tell him to look forward and do his best to save her.

For several days, students wait patiently to receive any news of Eri's whereabouts. One day, late at night, the Big 3 gather after receiving a message containing information, 'on the day carry out the plan to raid Shie Hassaikai'. The next day, all the members of the Raid team wake up early as the day of the operation dawns and Nejire is present with everyone else as they prepare to begin. As everyone gathers, Tsuyu notes that this is something they are all unfamiliar with and Nejire agrees, saying all of it was very out there whilst also pointing out that Tsuyu liked to put her finger on her chin a lot.

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As part of the Ryukyu group, she leads Tsuyu and Ochaco into supporting Ryukyu as she took on the Yakuza's first line of defense outside their hideout. Whilst the other teams battle inside, Nejire and the rest of Ryukyu's team fight Rikiya Katsukame of the Eight Bullets.

They eventually manage to overpower him and Ryukyu orders the Police Force to restrain Rikiya while Nejire, Ochaco, and Tsuyu prepare to head after Sir Nighteye's group. Suddenly, Ochaco and Tsuyu along with the Police Force become tired due to Rikiya inhaling their stamina, much to Ryukyu's surprise since she thought she had knocked him out.

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Conscious, Rikiya reveals that he took a drug earlier and it is beginning to take effect, which enhances his Quirk and allows him to absorb a target's stamina simply by inhaling.

Now larger and stronger than before, Rikiya attacks the Police Force only for Ryukyu to take them to safety. Nejire decides to take action and attacks Rikiya with her Quirk, which allows her to convert her own stamina into pure energy and emit shockwaves, although Rikiya manages to block her attack. When Rikiya's drug wears off, he demands Nejire to let him touch her, which she vehemently refuses. Ryukyu drags Rikiya to the crossroads and commands Ochaco to make them float and Tsuyu to help drag them towards the crossroad.

With Ryukyu and Rikiya's bodies now weightless, Tsuyu drags them to the crossroad with her tongue. At the crossroad, Ryukyu orders Nejire to blast her and Rikiya onto the ground with everything she has.

The combined weight of Ryukyu and Rikiya along with the force of Nejire's shockwave is enough to make the crossroad collapse, causing Ryukyu's group along with Rikiya to fall down into the Eight Precepts of Death's underground where they land in the middle of the battle between Izuku and Kai Chisaki.

After the operation is successful she surveys the site for damage and is impressed when she notices that Izuku had managed to minimize damage by keeping Overhaul pinned to one spot. Due to what happened, they are informed that the Hero Work Studies program is postponed for the moment, so Nejire, Ochaco, and Tsuyu say goodbye to Ryukyu. School Festival, she had entered the pageant for the previous two years as well but failed to win either, losing out to Bibimi Kenranzaki of the Support Course in the preceding year.

When Eri comes to visit U. He also mentions that later in the year Nejire, Bibimi, and Itsuka Kendo are scheduled to shoot a commercial that is expected to boost their popularity. Yuyu HayaNejire's best friend, is also present helping around with preparations for her friend's entry. Nejire flashes a smile and says she is determined to win the pageant this year as it is her last chance to do so. On the day of the Festival, Nejire overhears Neito Monoma telling Itsuka that there is no doubt she will win.High School.

Mirio and Nejire are bouncy and companionable while also retaining enough intellect to understand how to use their incredible superpowers, while Tamaki is sometimes distant and anxious, but has both a good heart and genuine appreciation for his friends.

Many fans of the series have been rooting for Nejire to take on one of her two fellow students as a love interest, but which one? Compiled here are 5 reasons why Tamaki would be a good choice, as well as 5 reasons why Mirio might be better.

Mirio Togata/Relationships

The decision is obviously up to series creator Kohei Horikoshi, although this analysis may give a good idea of where he's taking each character's story. Yes, this could be viewed as a disadvantage, but overall it seems what makes Mirio and Nejire best friends could also lead to them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Their similarities mean they can easily communicate, and Mirio would definitely be the kind of person to pursue someone who he can hang out and have fun with.

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Opposites attract, and Tamaki and Nejire are about as different as two people can be. Despite the various obstacles in their way, particularly Tamaki's unwillingness to communicate his feelings for her, they both seem to have deep desires that only someone very different could fulfill. This is the same reason Tamaki x Mirio works as a ship although it could be reasoned that their bond is even more developed because of their strong friendship.

The point is: variation draws interest. Due to his cool, laid-back attitudeMirio has a certain "spark" he can bring to a relationship that Tamaki just can't. Both him and Nejire are fun-loving souls. Mirio loves entertaining others, and Nejire seems like she'd be more than happy to join in, or even just act as a receptive audience.

While Mirio is no doubt more of a vibrant personality than Tamaki is, Tamaki's social anxiety doesn't get in the way of his perceptiveness. Understanding your partner's wants and needs is an important aspect of any relationship, and something it seems like Tamaki would excel at. Nejire comforts Mirio when he's distraught over his failure to save Eribecause that's what best friends do. But her ability to identify when he needs support shows that she understands him on a very human level.

In contrast, Nejire has trouble understanding Tamaki's shy demeanor and thus may not be as emotionally available to him as she would be to Mirio.

One of the main advantages Tamaki actually has over Mirio is that it's shown that he envies and cherishes Nejire although, to be fair, it's never clear whether his feelings for her are just of admiration or are genuinely romantic.

Because of his respect for her, Tamaki treats Nejire as a three-dimensional person rather than just an object of affection. With the support of his friends, Tamaki has certainly gotten rid of some bad traits and even, to an extent, matured during his time in the series.

However, it's clear by the differences in the way Mirio acts at the beginning and the end of the Shie Hassaikai arc that he's gone through far more emotional growth than his childhood friend. This makes him both a better superhero and a better human being. Tamaki may not be able to fully convey his feelings to Nejire, but if he does wish to create a lasting bond with her, he'd have Mirio's full support.

The two have been childhood friends and a rivalry seems out of character for them.

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In fact, because of Mirio and Nejire's similar personalities, Mirio would be the perfect wing man for Tamaki. This somewhat ties in to Mirio's growth as a personbut it's a separate point. Mirio has shown that he's a man of principle, and one of his principles is not giving up.

Comparatively, Tamaki is easily depressed when things go wrong and often considers backing out of situations he doesn't feel ready to face. Tamaki has grown more determined, and more than once proved himself stronger than he thought he was largely because of Mirio and Nejire's encouragementbut his past insecurities draw into question his ability to sustain a relationship.

On the flip side, it's worth considering that the whole point of a relationship is two individuals balancing each other out. Because Tamaki is enthralled by Nejire's intelligent, radiant personality, thereby giving her more self-confidence, she may be able to stick with him through the ups and downs of young love. This chain reaction of emotional support could lead to Tamaki eventually developing more trust in himself, giving their relationship a fairy-tale ending.

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